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10+ beautiful, easy to make cross stitch designs each month for a fraction of the price.

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You can expect to receive AMAZING cross-stitch designs each month for a ridiculously low price – $1 or less per design! (10+ patterns for $10)

Why 10+ and not just 10? because if you go full in, I go full in as well! for that reason I usually give an extra pattern each month besides the promised 10.

 Great question! To make sure you will receive cross-stitch patterns you will enjoy creating, I conduct a survey each month to make sure that you will receive designs that are tailored to your tastes!

This is the BEST part – you don’t have to commit to anything and you can leave the moment you choose to!

The moment you join you will be charged the price of the membership you enrolled in (for the current month’s bundle), and at the beginning of each following month.

So if you signed up at the end of the month, you will be charged twice in a period of a few days, but you will also receive a number of designs that are equivalent to 2 months’ worth (20+ designs)

Yes! at the end of each month, I’ll email the designs straight to your email account. You are also welcome to contact me anytime if you lost them and I’ll send them again.

Yes! I also sell the designs separately on Etsy and I always have great coupons you can use when you purchase several designs at once

You can sell the complete stitch if you want, but please give credit to Stitch it Picasso. However, selling the patterns themselves is strictly forbidden.

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