How We Started

Welcome to Stitch It Picasso!

After opening Stitch it Picasso on Etsy 2 years ago and serving over a thousand happy customers (you can find the shop here: I noticed a problem that every stitcher faces (that I’m sure you can relate to):

Buying new patterns Is expensive, especially when each design usually costs $4 or more.

That is why I created Stitch it Picasso – The ultimate Monthly Digital Subscription service that’s committed to providing unique designs every month for a fraction of the price.

Our members receive each month 10+ dazzling designs for $10, which is just $1 per design! (or $0.5 if you are an early supporter)

And the best part is that there is no prior commitment or any risk, you can join for a single month to receive the designs that are presented here and leave afterward with ease.

Who Is Stitch It Picasso?

My name is Lior. I’m a pixel art designer and I LOVE creating fun, simple-to-make cross stitch patterns that anyone can easily follow from the comfort of their home (or anywhere else).

My passion is creating gorgeous pieces that are suitable for every level of stitcher. For that reason, all of my designs are full stitches only and are usually smaller than 100X100 stitches.

I’ve served thousands of happy stitchers and created hundreds of designs that you can find here ->

I’m sure that you have many more concerns like “how can I know if I will like the designs?”, or “will the files always be available?”. All of these questions and more are answered at the bottom of the page in the FAQ section.